My name is Elizabeth Paine, and I am a professional harpist and harp teacher. I have been playing the harp for almost 40 years and teaching for more than 20 years.

In recent years, I have been having a lot of fun and great success teaching harp lessons online using video chat (Skype, ooVoo, or FaceTime). This is a great option for students who don’t live close to a harp teacher–even for local students who don’t want to drive all the way across town for a harp lesson!

I teach harp lessons to students ages 10 and up on lever harp, pedal harp, or cross-strung harp. I pride myself in being able to tailor my instruction to each students’ individual needs, abilities and interests.

I am currently serving as secretary for the Gulf Coast Harpers Association (our local ISFHC chapter) and have served as vice president and secretary of the Greater Houston Chapter of the American Harp Society. I also served as the editor-in-chief of the Folk Harp Journal for a few years and really enjoyed that experience.

I started learning how to play the cross-strung harp back in 2001 and founded a Yahoo group called HarpersCrossing which now has more than 250 members around the world. HarpersCrossing has become a meeting place and invaluable resource for anyone who builds, plays, or wants to learn to play the cross-strung harp.

I live with and care for my dad, who is now 101 years old, along with our two dogs, two cats, and five harps!


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    • Hello there,

      I received your inquiry about online harp lessons from my website ( and wanted to give you some information. Lessons are $45 per one-hour lesson. We can use Skype or ooVoo or Facetime (if you have an Ipad 2 or newer). If you let me know where you live, I can help you find a harp to rent in your area that you can get started with.

      I have available lesson times during the week and on the weekends, so please let me know what day and time would work for you!

      • HiI already have a harp. I bought it many years agoIt is a L&H Prelude. I started harp lessons, about 8 years ago, but stopped after a family tragedy. Ready to begin again. Weekends would be best. I can do Skype or FACETIMEbut I think I’d prefer FaceTime since it seems to work better. Thank you.


      • Wonderful!! We can star next weekend, if you’d like.

        Can you tell me what books you have worked from before??

        Elizabeth A. Paine Sent from my iPhone

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