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My Favorite Harp Videos


Sometimes I find myself spending way too much time cruising around on YouTube watching harp videos. I just love seeing and hearing all of the different kinds of harps that people have all around the world, watching how they play, finding new tunes I’d like to learn, and finding videos that are downright awe inspiring!

Here are a few videos that top my list of performances that just defy the imagination in terms of technique, expressiveness, and sheer beauty!

Xavier de Maistre is one of the finest harpists in the world today. I have played the harp for almost 40 years, and it still just boggles my mind that anyone can play The Moldau on the harp, much less do it this beautifully. I just LOVE watching him play. Everything in the world disappears when he starts playing. I love the little finger on his right hand, too!

Xavier de Maistre plays Clair de Lune. What more can I say?

Here is Canadian harpist, Josh Layne, playing his Fantasy on Greensleeves. I’ve always loved theme and variations; it is just fascinating to see what can be done with a simple tune. He is another brilliant young harpist.

Josh also has a great series of instructional videos called Harp Tuesday on YouTube. I believe there are 60 episodes now on a great variety of topics. They are all well worth watching.

Here is one episode on exercises (warmups, arpeggios, etc.).

I will end this post with one more mind boggling video. This is Sylvain Blassel playing Liszt’s Hugarian Rhapsodie–a piece which most sane harpists in the world would not even attempt! I just wish the video would show more of his feet. You know they are just going MAD on those pedals!